Our Mission

The Right to Protect Training Academy is an organization that was created to help teach and train individuals in the correct and legal way of self protection.  This organization offers courses and training in areas related to firearms to basic hand to hand combat for usage in self protection.  This organization offers these trainings at affordable cost, with flexible scheduling and easy to reach location.  We will come to you if needed to. 

To Schedule a Class

Call or text 216-815-5362

Email therightt@gmail.com

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Check Out

Check out our product and services.  We are here for all of your self protection need.  We have everything from an extensive inventory or stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms and more. Call or text us at 216-815-5362 for more information or to place your order.

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Our Promise to You

If we can help you, your family, your business organization or your social facilities (churches, clubs) please call/text 216-815-5362. We will work with you to provide the training that you need at an affordable cost.